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Female body languageFemale body language
12 Mar.
As men behave a certain way during social calls, the female body also reveals much about the woman herself, even if she does not want to say it....
Most famous GhostsMost famous Ghosts
21 June
You can see her ghost, if you enter a school toilet in the dark, face the mirror and say her name out loud three times....
The most famous ghostsThe most famous ghosts
01 Mar.
Many Eastern religions not only believe in reincarnation but also in ghosts....
Ghosts in the airplaneGhosts in the airplane
10 Sept.
The ghosts appeared more than twenty times....
Sinister Magic of the HodjasSinister Magic of the Hodjas
12 June
Some of the most sinister rituals are carried out by Turkish Hodjas. It is said that Hodjas' magic spells are extremely difficult to counteract or even impossible to get rid of....
Donkeys Comforted a Depressed Female RhinocerosDonkeys Comforted a Depressed Female Rhinoceros
24 June
The female rhinoceros that lives in the zoo, Manuela, became close with the donkeys there, after she was unable to coexist successfully with the goats and zebras, informs Associated Press....
Sinister Mysteries from Around the WorldSinister Mysteries from Around the World
31 Oct.
Ourang Medan The sinister story of the Dutch ship the S.S. Ourang Medan dates back to 1947. 2 American ships received a shocking message while sailing near the Malaysian coast....
The Legend of the Sinister HitchhikerThe Legend of the Sinister Hitchhiker
20 Aug.
The legends of the ghostly hitchhiker are still alive today. Tales of the sinister lady, dressed in white, can still be be heard now and again from a spooked driver, traveling alone in the countryside....
Locusta - History`s First Female Serial KillerLocusta - History`s First Female Serial Killer
20 Apr.
Disposing of one's rivals through the use of poisons was a widespread practice in ancient times but Locusta was a poisoner who would become history's female serial killer with the most victims....
The Australian City Teeming with GhostsThe Australian City Teeming with Ghosts
17 June
There's hardly any populated area on Earth where there hasn't been a ghost seen at least once. But lately it's as if the Australian city of Toowoomba is absolutely teeming with errant ghosts....
Thomas Edison Wanted to Contact GhostsThomas Edison Wanted to Contact Ghosts
09 Apr.
Edison was a strong believer in the existence of ghosts. He was also more than convinced that ghosts communicated with each other and he tried to prove this with his invention....
Ghosts appear in the White HouseGhosts appear in the White House
03 Mar.
It is also noted that the ghost appeared when the country is in crisis. Lincoln\'s ghost allegedly had been seen even by British Prime Minister Churchill....
Ghosts visit their families before deathGhosts visit their families before death
05 Dec.
Six months later, the envoy from Egypt brought the news that Longspi was killed by the cruel Saracens exactly the day when the ghost appeared....
Ghosts haunt his family before his deathGhosts haunt his family before his death
16 Feb.
Six months later, a messenger from Egypt brought news that Longspy was killed in a cruel way by the Saracens on the same day as the vision of the ghost....
The Sinister Krampus Punishes Misbehaving Children Before ChristmasThe Sinister Krampus Punishes Misbehaving Children Before Christmas
23 Dec.
Besides the traditional legend of Santa Claus, before Christmas in some Alpine countries, they also tell the tale of the demonic Krampus, who punishes children who have misbehaved during the year by beating and torturing...