Sinister Magic of the Hodjas

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Magic Spell Book

Some of the most sinister rituals are carried out by Turkish Hodjas. It is said that Hodjas' magic spells are extremely difficult to counteract or even impossible to get rid of.

A Hodja is in general a spiritual person, but no small number of them deal with magics pertaining to death, breaking up families and other similar curses, provoked by jealousy and malice.

The Hodjas say that a magic spell cannot be cast at home but that the words must be read by a holy person over the ritual to guarantee its implementation.


To break apart families

A great many mother-in-laws do not like their daughter-in-laws and in order to separate their son from his partner, some of them resort to magics cast by Turkish Hodjas.

The most popular magic spell to separate a family is cast using 2 spoons, which the mother-in-law has served to her daughter-in-law and son. After they have eaten with the utensils, which have been washed with water beforehand and over which the Hodja has read a special enchantment, the mother-in-law takes the spoons and turns them facing each other.

For the spell, the Hodja needs clothes worn by the family, from which to weave a small thread. The mother-in-law then takes the thread and ties the 2 spoons together. Then, the utensils need to be buried in a random woman's grave on the feet side, and to sit there for 3 days.


Once the 3 days have passed, the mother-in-law must dig out the spoons and bury them beneath the window of the family's bedroom or hide them somewhere where they won't be found.


Amulets in Islam can be used for both benign and evil rituals. Islamic amulets are small triangles made of cloth, which come in a sky blue color when used for rituals for luck and contain various beneficial herbs, while in spells for death or misfortune come in a red or black color, containing hair from a deceased person or water used to wash a corpse.

Hodjas warn not to open such a thing if found in your home and not to touch its contents because otherwise no one will be able to cast off the spell.