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The Legend of the Sinister Hitchhiker


Tales of mysterious hitchhikers have been told for years in the folklore of many countries around the world. The ghost of a young woman causes drivers' hair to stand on end along remote roads.

The woman is usually dressed in white and looks perfectly real. The ghost appears on the road, even when it's pouring rain, and there is not a person in whom she doesn't incite sympathy.

The driver of the vehicle, often alone, slows down before the unfortunate woman, who stands by the deserted road. He asks her if there is anything he can help her with.

The legends tell that the woman always speaks the name of the town or city which the person is headed for. Of course, the driver of the vehicle offers to give her a ride since they are going the same way.

The strange woman sits in the back seat of the car. Occasionally, the driver throws quick glances at the sad, yet beautiful being. She looks exceptionally delicate with her pale face, which gives off a sense of grief and sorrow.


Eventually, the moment comes when the driver approaches the address he's been given. But when he stops the car, he can't believe his eyes - it turns out that his passenger has somehow vanished. However, every time, the ghostly hitchhiker leaves behind some sort of behind trace - a brooch, scarf, fan or something else.

The puzzled driver stops in front of the house and goes to knock at the door. Once the residents open the door, he explains that he's looking for the young woman who he had given a ride to just a moment before and that she has forgotten something in his car.

The people at the house become unsettled immediately, they cannot conceal the horror in their eyes. They appear exceptionally surprised and terrified.

According to the description given by the stranger, it turns out that the woman looks a lot like a deceased relative of theirs, whose 1 year anniversary of her death is marked on this very day. The person in question had lost her life in a very dramatic way.

Hoping that there's been some type of misunderstanding, the residents find a picture of the deceased and show it to the man. However, he is certain that up until a few moments ago, he had been traveling with the same person.

This event repeats itself over and over. The legends of the ghostly hitchhiker are still alive today. Tales of the sinister lady, dressed in white, can still be be heard now and again from a spooked driver, traveling alone in the countryside.