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Ghosts haunt his family before his death

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Many ghosts appear only once, at the moment in which their life is over.

One of the first documented stories of this kind happened in 1250. Before the abbess of Laycock, in England, appeared a skeleton. From the heraldry, painted on the shield, she realizes that this is her relative William Longspy, who at the time was in the crusades. She told her friends, but no one believed her.

Six months later, a messenger from Egypt brought news that Longspy was killed in a cruel way by the Saracens on the same day as the vision of the ghost.

On 22 June 1893, Lady Tyrone was hosting a gathering in hes home on Eaton Square in London. Shortly after 3.30, many guests saw her husband, George Admiral Tyrone, pass silently through the hall.

When they told his wife, she was very confused, "You must be lying. My husband is at sea, commanding maneuvers." On the same day, however, the admiral ship of the Royal Marina "Victoria, which was where her husband was, sank after colliding with another ship.

The cause of the crash was wrong orders by George to attack.

Another case: in his memoirs in 1871, Lord Brougham tells of a transaction entered into with his colleagues from the University of Edinburgh. The deal was this - whoever dies first, must appear to the other, to give him information about life after death.

The lord's friend went to India for years and he did not hear any word from him. But one night, when Brougham came out of the bathroom and reached to take a towel, he saw his friend sitting on the toilet seat.

When he recovered from the shock, the vision was gone. Later he received a letter from India, which reported that his friend had died.

Two strange stories did accompany the death of the British Lord Thomas Littleton, buried in November 1779. One morning, at breakfast, Littleton remembered, that night he had seen a ghost. The girl who visited him, was seduced by a relative and after he left her, she committed suicide. She told the lord that he will die in three days, to the minute. This happened on November 24.

Littleton was not bothered by the experience and delivered a brilliant speech in the House of Lords. On the third night, at 23:00, he collapsed into the arms of his maid.

The same day Littleton was invited for a weekend at Peter Andrew, his colleague in parliament. Andrew waited long and finally went to bed a little angry. He woke up at about 23:00 and saw Littleton next to his bed. The Lord was wearing a robe that Andrew had prepared for him in advance.

Peter was about to ask his guest why he's so late, but Littleton said: "I am done for, Andrew."



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