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Scientists Prove That Ghosts are a Product of Our Illusions

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Ghost Woman

A scientific experiment has proven that ghosts and phantoms do not exist, that everything we believe to be supernatural is simply a product of our fears and imagination.

The experiment was conducted by Swiss scientists who used robotic mechanisms to change the neural signals occurring in the brains of volunteers who were blindfolded.

The results showed that feeling the presence of a ghost being is something that is born within the minds of people.

2 of the volunteers felt such a level of fear that they truly believed that there were ghosts around them and asked the scientists to stop the experiment.


Once the experiment was stopped, the volunteers shared that they felt 4 ghostly beings who touched their backs with their fingers, while there were no such beings in reality.

The illusion of a ghostly presence caused a halt in the processing of brain information. The functions of the regions that coordinate body movement and its position in space began to change.

A slight malfunction of normal brain activity was enough to make people believe that there were ghosts around them. Their brain incorrectly interpreted the information it received and the individuals believed in the appearance of ghosts that threatened them.


The results of the experiments may also explain why some people claim that they are being pursued by supernatural beings, such as demons and angels.

Very often, such feelings arise in people that find themselves in extreme situations, accompanied by emotional tension, such as that of living through the loss of a loved one.

Similar experiences can be seen in patients with neurological diseases - epilepsy, migraine and schizophrenia.

"Our experiment was able to incite feelings of the presence of a supernatural being in a laboratory. It showed that it can occur in normal conditions, as a result of simple alteration of the sensory-motor signals, " stated the author of the study Olaf Blanke from the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology.



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Ron Keller
Ron Keller
11.12.2014 23:27
Scientific experiments? Sounds more like a make-work exercise for soon-to-be-out-of-work scientists? Could these high paid scientists actually be right? Well, I've been studying the subject of ghosts/demons for many years now(for free)and actually they are not right! Ghosts ARE REAL! They are already explained in guess what book? The Bible! There are many mentions of this phenomenon in the Bible, but here's a good example of one in Ephesians 6:12 which states, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS in high places". SPIRIT-ual wickedness? Ghosts(and aliens too)ARE REAL spirits. Fill up on enough booze and chemicals and they will drop by to visit you...just like they did to these scientists. all you scientists, keep up the good work!