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Protection from Energy Vampires

Practical tips to protect yourself from energy vampires

Energy vampires are literally everywhere. Communicating with them can turn our life into a nightmare. They drain our life force and leave us exhausted. Characteristic conditions after communication with energy vampires are depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, migraine, apathy, panic.

After contact with an energy vampire the energy in the body changes completely. Apart from the above problems, one suddenly feels very sleepy and lethargic. All this is due to the forces sucked from the body.

It is important to note that energy vampires attack the psyche and there are no drugs that can counteract this condition.

Every one of us is exposed to their dangerous influence. That's why it's important to know how to protect ourselves. Especially if we often have to communicate with such personalities. If we are exposed to the influence of energy vampires for a long time, fatigue and mental tension accumulate and it is very difficult to cleanse the energy. Therefore, we must not allow this state to continue any longer.

Here are the most effective methods of protection against energy vampires. Follow them and you will feel much better - both mentally and physically.

Taking a bath and shower protects us from the influence of energy vampires


If you are exposed to the energy vampire, try to get home as soon as possible and take a shower. Water not only helps you feel refreshed, but also washes away the negative information transmitted by the vampire.

If you're felling really bad, enjoy a warm bath if possible. Fill it with water at a pleasant temperature, add sea salt and a few drops of fragrant lavender oil. 120 minutes of relaxation will cleanse your aura well.

If you are not at home and exposed to the influence of an energy vampire, go to the nearest toilet and simply wash your eyes and face with cold water. You will feel refreshed and invigorated.

Tiger's eye protects against energy vampires


Many minerals lead to restoration of energy balance. Even in ancient times, natural stones (black agate or tiger's eye) were worn as talismans against energy vampirism. The amulet against energy vampires must be with you constantly, you can remove it only at home.

Buy a small one-sided mirror and when you leave the house, put it in the pocket of your clothes with the mirror side facing out. Such a talisman can not only repel an energy blow, but also return it to a vampire.

Salt is considered an excellent protection against all evil. Sew a small pouch, fill it with white crystals and always carry it with you in your pocket or purse. The salt will absorb all the vampire's actions, bad wishes and evil words sent to you.

No energy can affect those who wear a safety pin on the inside of their garment. This helps against evil eyes, evil spirits, spells and vampirism.

Silver also protects well. It is enough to wear silver pendants, earrings or rings.

Safety pin

Above we have mentioned about the importance of safety pin. The safety pin is believed to be an excellent way to protect the biofield from the harmful influence of energy vampires. It must be worn on the inside of the garment so that it can touch the skin. The safety pin must be locked - this way the action is strongest. It is important to note that it is not good to wear it all the time, because the lock affects the internal energy and can harm. What's more - being locked up all the time can turn you into an introvert and create problems in communicating with others.


If you feel like you're surrounded by energy vampires, buy a few small mirrors and put one in front of each window in your home so the mirror faces outside. The purpose of this ritual is for the negative energy to return to its original source and not affect you in any way.

Red thread

Very often we have noticed that babies, pregnant women, brides and even celebrities have tied red thread on their hands. This is no accident, because it is believed that the thread protects against evil eyes and diseases, chases away evil spirits and protects against magic and ill-wishers. In the past, red thread was even tied to animals to make the year healthy and fertile.

A bag of salt in the home protects against energy vampires

Home protection

At home we are also not immune to the visit of the energy vampires. A neighbor or relative who has dropped by to visit can drain our energy. To protect your family and home:

- Wash the floor with salt water several times a month;

- Place salt under the door threshold or rub it with a small linen bag and hang it over the front door;

- Periodically cleanse the home of evil forces by lighting church candles and going around the whole house with them;

- In the kitchen, hang bunches of chili peppers, onions, and garlic.

It is important to note that no person is born an energy vampire. It can be said that it is a mental disease which depends on the circumstances of life and no individual could have immunity. If you find out that your loved one or friend has become an energy vampire for one reason or another, do not rush to judge and ignore them, but try to help them. You never know if one day you won't find yourself in their position.