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Broken Mirror Superstitions - Where Does it Come From

Broken Mirror Superstitions - Where Does it Come From

Mirrors are fragile objects and are often destroyed by breakage. A mystical meaning is always attached to such an event. A series of stories explain what misfortunes a broken mirror brings and how to prevent the misfortune that lies ahead. Here is where these old beliefs come from and what exactly they foretell.

Origin of superstitions about the misfortune of the broken mirror

Since ancient times, the mirror has been a mystical and magical object. It is used in divination, spells, curses and other mystical rituals. Because it reflects the image of the person looking back, it was believed to house a mirror image of the owner. The mirror was also accepted as a mysterious path to other dimensions.

The breaking of the mirror is considered a sign of a series of misfortunes, as this releases the negative energy collected in it. When its surface is broken, all the negativity from within comes out and misfortunes await. For example, a broken mirror will bring 7 years of bad luck.

Superstitions about the broken mirror

Broken Mirror Superstitions

Since the belief in misfortunes from breaking a mirror is great, there are a number of warnings on how to avoid or minimize the misfortunes. To begin with, one should not immediately remove the broken pieces, not because of the danger of being cut, but so that the person does not look at these pieces and absorb the negative energy coming out of them.

Another superstition states that looking into a broken mirror leads to faster aging and loss of health. Financial losses, problems at work and with others are other negative consequences of looking into a broken piece of mirror.

Through the cracks in the mirror, it is believed that evil spirits from other worlds can pass, and a person's energy can be split and they can become vulnerable to psychological attacks.

An unmarried woman will not find a husband for 7 years if she breaks her mirror.

Counteraction of the broken mirror

Broken Mirror

The good news is that if the mirror breaks, there are ways to prevent the evil for believers in the superstition. One can say a prayer and sprinkle the pieces with holy water, say a prayer for health and light a candle for the same purpose.

An inadvertently broken mirror is not an occasion to search for a secret meaning, but the loss of a personal item.

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