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Powerful Spring Talismans for Happiness and Luck

Powerful Spring Talismans for Happiness and Luck

People have long known that they should not wait for luck and happiness to come, but they should forge their own destiny and seek luck. To invoke fortune and show that fate is on our side is a human desire dating back to ancient times.

A legend says that when Adam and Eve were turned away from Paradise, the wise woman carried a four-leaf clover with her to bring luck to them in the new life.

Thus, since biblical times, natural talismans for happiness and luck have been highly valued. They are the link with the forces of nature that have the ability to favorably intervene in the plans of destiny.

Nowadays, this trend has not changed, it has only added new possibilities with numerous jewelry and objects used to attract good energy to their owner.

Four leaf clover

Green is the color of nature, it symbolizes the birth of new life. The four-leaf clover continues to be considered a powerful talisman, symbolizing harmony and rebirth, and is worn for good luck in springtime when nature awakens to show itself in all its glory. Whether the talisman will be a real preserved clover from a meadow or a stylized jewel flower, it is a powerful spring lucky charm.

To catch a ladybug

The Ladybug is a Spring Talisman

There is a belief that if one catches a ladybug and entrusts the little insect with one's fondest wish, it will fulfill it as soon as it flies away. The jewelry we use as talismans often depicts a ladybug - not only are they beautiful, but they bring good luck because they are a natural talisman. It is good to decorate necklaces, rings, earrings or bracelets, they suit any jewelry.

Floral talismans

Floral Talismans

A true symbol of spring is every blooming flower. Flowers remind us that, like them, we are unique, and we are able to constantly develop new sides of our personality, to help them blossom like flowers.

Floral talismans are the most powerful spring items to attract happiness and good luck. If made as an elegant ornament, they show a beauty and class that can only be found in nature, especially in the time of spring awakening.

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