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Great Pyramid of Cholula - San Pedro Cholula

San Pedro Cholul Pyramid

The Mexican city of Cholula is known for its Great Pyramid, built by unknown people, thousands of years ago. The area in which the pyramid is found is known as San Pedro Cholula and is in the San Pedro vicinity.

Four of the nations who lived in Mexican territory from the seventh to twelfth century worshiped pyramids. They believed that the pyramids are the homes of their gods.

The sides of the pyramids match the direction of the meridian and parallel of where they are built. Around the pyramid, there was a fence and in the yard houses were accommodated priests.

Mexican pyramids have no sharp peak, and have wide steps. On site, at the top of the pyramid, priests carried out their fire magic rituals.

The interior of the pyramids served as tombs of kings and dignitaries. According to ancient beliefs, the Aztec pyramids were built by the mighty Toltec civilization, which had a calendar and their own writing.

Most ancient of the Mexican pyramids is the Pyramid of San Pedro Cholula. From afar, it looks like a big hill. This pyramid has survived well only on the west side, otherwise, it is quite destroyed.

The pyramid has four elevations of the same height, which were oriented to the cardinal points. The base of this pyramid is very large - each side is basically 439 m long.

The height of the pyramid is fifty-four meters and one hundred and twenty steps led to her top.

Inside the pyramid were buried prominent representatives of the ancient Mexican tribes. The pyramid housed skeletons, sculptures and many vases and pottery.

On top of the great pyramid, an altar dedicated ka Quetzalcoatl, the god of air was found. Priests of Quetzalcoatl believed that his followers should be self- tortured - they had to pierce their lip and hit their own body with pieces of cactus.

According to legend, Quetzalcoatl lived among the people for eighty days and forbade them from offering sacrifices to the gods, other than ripe fruits.

The priests of Quetzalcoatl saved a magical stone that fell centuries ago, in the middle of the pyramid site. This stone had the shape of a frog and some true magical powers.

In Mexico is the famous group of pyramids of Teotihuacan, which are the so-called Trail of the Dead. Among the pyramids stand two larger ones, who are dedicated to the sun and the moon, the others are much smaller and there are hundreds of them.