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Talismans and herbs protect from ghosts and witches

Talismans and herbs protect from ghosts and witches

Since the immemorial time, comes the belief that amulets and mascots protect their holders from evil Spirits, Wizards, disease, poverty, witches, disaster and all evil supernatural. Te word amulet derives from the Latin word "amoletum " meaning remedy.

Most often a person believes in the amulet taking it with them where ever they go. In other cases a mascot is stored in the house. An amulet often a religious character but can also be a drawing or a gemstone.

It is believed that supernatural forces of the mascot are laid down within it by God. In occultism it is possible to provoke mysterious forces through magic rituals.

Objects at the mystery of Amulets believe that the herb periwinkle is one of the strongest protectors of the home protecting it from evil forces.

Zimzelenat is a perennial evergreen herb and blooms blue from April to June. These herbs if placed on the front door of the house will precludes any spirits or witches. It is said to be effective in chasing away the demons. However, in order to have the zimzelenat forces protect against the underworld forces it must be disconnected in the first, ninth, eleventh and thirteenth night of the month.

Talismans and herbs protect from ghosts and witches

Beans were also considered to have magic powers.

The ancient Romans considered beans a sacred food and used it in various rituals, most commonly associated with honoring the dead. On the day of burial they offered a donation to the deceased a bean food so the spirits would be happy and merciful with them.

Japan even has a custom, on New Year the head of family has to wear the latest clothes and exactly at midnight spread a bean paste around the house and express spell: "Demons, out! Come, good luck".

Some Indian tribes also have a ritual associated with beans. They perform dances dedicated to the Legumes spirit. He is the brother of Maize and the Pumpkin spirit. However, they appear from the best team of supernatural forces since they bring luck and help with the harvesting of the crops.