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Come Here if you Want to See Ghosts!


There are a number of eerie destinations around the world, known to be haunted by ghosts and all sorts of other hellish fiends. And while many would freeze on the spot at the mere thought of visiting such a place, other adventurous types wander around such curious destinations with a relish in the search of thrills.

Here are some of the most popular destinations, where you're sure to see an apparition of some sort.

Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town

Castle of Good Hope

This point of interest in South Africa was built in the 17th century. The first unusual sighting there took place in the 20th century. It was said that the ghost of a well-built man was seen at that time. After that day, the same phantom was reported to be seen many more times. Witnesses say that the ghost of a dog also resides in the castle, regularly frightening visitors.

Stull Cemetery, Kansas


There's hardly a cemetery that doesn't look spooky but this one in particular can truly scare the pants off you. According to one legend, there's a gateway to hell there but it can't always be found. If you go there on the night of Halloween or during the spring equinox, you have better chances of getting to it.

Châteaubriant Castle, France


This tourist destination has been attracting visitors for many years but not everyone has the guts to take a tour of it. One legend tells that on October 16, 1537, Françoise de Foix was murdered by her jealous husband there. It seems that after her dramatic demise, her ghost was unable to find peace and reminds of herself by leaving behind bloody signs in the castle every year around that fatal date.

Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry

The psychiatric hospital began operation in the first years of the 20th century, the original purpose being to provide a safe place of residence for locals with mental problems. However, the facility quickly began a state of decline due to lack of funds and the patients were forced to live in horrible conditions. After the hospital was permanently closed in 1990, it began to fall into desolation and turn into a place of Satanic rituals.

Bhangarh Fort, India

Bhangarh fort

The Indians say that a terrible curse weighs over the area. A long time ago, the residents of the fort were cursed by an evil wizard and died in agonizing pain. Since then, their ghosts have wandered the area, seeking some sort of peace.

Beechworth Asylum, Australia

This building once served as a hospital. The legend goes that the patients who died in great anguish at the asylum continue to wander about at night as ghosts.