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The most famous ghosts

Lady in black

The ghost, also known as a spirit, in mythology and fantasy is an image without form and most often embodies the soul of a deceased person or animal. Many Eastern religions not only believe in reincarnation but also in ghosts.

These are the most famous ghosts in contemporary mass culture:

The Brown Lady was spotted for the first time in 1835 in the guest house, Raynham Hall, in which she inhabits. The man that saw the ghost describes it as a woman without eyes who was wearing a brown satin dress.

After a while the same description was given by Captain Frederick Marryat. He also saw her spirit and added to the image of the woman, a lantern. For many years after, the Brown Lady stops to appear in Raynham Hall. It is assumed that the the Brown Lady is Dorothy Townshend. She was the wife who cheated on her wealthy husband and was closed by the end of her life in Raynham Hall.

Jane Churm aka Fire girl - in November 1995 a fire destroyed the building of the Town Hall in the West of England. While firefighters fought the fire, a casual observer of the fire decided to document the tragedy with a camera. When the photos were developed, Tony O'Reilly noticed the image of the girl. The child was stood in the middle of flames. The mystery is that on the night of the fire none of the occupants of the building remembered that there had been a girl inside. It is believed that the ghost is Jane Churm. In 1677 the girl died in a fire which destroyed several houses in the city.

The man on the stairs to the afterlife - the mysterious staircase is located in the National Museum in Greenwhich, England. In 1966 Ralph Hardy visited him. In the section devoted to the Queen he decided to photograph the beautiful staircase. When the photos were developed he saw a figure of a man who climbed on it.

Experts from Kodak have concluded that the images are not a result of the play of light or reflection.

Monk - in 1963 an English priest appeared in a church in North Yorkshire. Accidentally he photographed one of the most famous pictures of the ghost - a monk with a long beard and pale face. Experts have looked and pronounced it authentic.