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Most famous Ghosts

Ghost ship

One of the most famous ghosts is the Flying Dutchman - this is not a man, but a commercial fishing vessel from the seventeenth century, that took a course at sea. According to maritime legends, this vessel appears as a vague silhouette or a strange light and bring omens of misfortune and death.

The ship and its crew were cursed forever after Dutch captain refused to stop at a safe port in a storm, although sailors and passengers begged him repeatedly.

The Dutchman had not listened to their requests and blamed God for their ills. The Ship occasionally appears in the ocean, near South Africa in 1923 was the last time it is seen. The ship appears in the saga "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Bell is the specter of another famous ghost. In 1817 in Tennessee, at the farm of John Bell appeared strange animal. Farmer shot at it but it fled.

Several years in a row Bell family was tormented by the ghost, which has plagued the youngest daughter of the farmer, keeping her awake at night and raising her in the air.

Bloody Mary, is a woman who three centuries before had killed her child. You can see her ghost, if you enter a school toilet in the dark, face the mirror and say her name out loud three times. According to legend, however, calls this way to the ghost kill those who violated the peace she is in. This story previously served as an idea for the film "Candyman".

Girl Who stands in the way, is often the ghost today. Stories of encounters with her are always the same. The girl stands near the road, barefoot and with a green headscarf.

Many people stopped and picked it up, and it does not say a word, only shows the house in which she lives. When it's time to get the girl off from the car, it appears that no one is inside and at the door of the house is attached green cloth.

The ghost of the murdered dealer has appeared before two sisters, Maggie and Cathy Fox. In 1840 in New York came a young dealer who sold porcelain.

The maid was dismissed by their masters and the specter of dealer visited her and tells her that he was killed by them. In practice, this story was invented by the Fox sisters, but they recognized this years later. However, this incident created a religion called spiritualism, which has followers even today.