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Sinister Mysteries from Around the World

Ghost Ship

We've all heard all sorts of stories about paranormal phenomena. Some of them sound so ridiculous that we simply cannot take them seriously. Others, on the other hand, are capable of causing the hair on the back of our neck stand up. Here are a few horrifying events which will make you sleep with the lights on tonight.

The Overtoun Bridge

The Overtoun Bridge in Scotland has become notorious because of an unusual phenomenon. It became infamous due to the numerous dogs who have found their deaths there. According to people familiar with the situation, whenever a puppy goes near the bridge, it begins to act wildly. Should the dog free itself from its master, it jumps from the bridge to its death. Fans of the occult claim the bridge is a kind of border between life and death.

The Smelly Monkey


Many people claim to have seen Bigfoot. Residents of Florida however, claim that there is a smelly monkey walking around the neighborhood, whose description matches that of a yeti. The mysterious creature was labeled so because of the strong odor it leaves behind.

Room 428, Ohio University

Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, is linked to all kinds of ghost stories. The most popular of these is that of an eccentric student, who carried out terrifying rituals. The girl would write in her own blood and one day committed suicide. This happened in room 428, which is no longer used. There have been claims of strange noises and groans coming from that room.

UFO Incident Over Washington

In 1952, the radars of Washington National Airport and Andrews Air Force Base registered several unidentified flying objects over Washington, D.C. Whenever jets approached them, they would vanish mysteriously and then reappear again.


The Pollock Twins

In 1957, sisters Jacqueline and Joanna Pollock died in a terrible car accident in Northumberland, England. 2 years after the accident, their mother had twins. It was at that point that very strange things began to happen. One of the girls was born with birthmarks on her body in the exact same places as one of the deceased sisters. When the twins grew up a little, they began wanting the exact same toys as the dead girls. They even insisted on going to a certain park, which was a favorite of the deceased children.

The S.S. Ourang Medan

The sinister story of the Dutch ship the S.S. Ourang Medan dates back to 1947. 2 American ships received a shocking message while sailing near the Malaysian coast. The radio operator who sent the Morse code message alarmed that everyone aboard the Ourang Medan was dead and that he would most likely die at any moment as well. When the American ships reached the S.S. Ourang Medan, they found that the entire crew was dead. The corpses were scattered all over the freighter. With their eyes wide open, it looked as though the crew members were pointing at something at the time of death. The actual cause was never determined.