How to Summon a Ghost

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Many people are tempted to summon a ghost in order to find out something about the future. But this is very dangerous, so, before you make the decision to call upon ghosts, think well on whether you really need to disturb the deceased.

Furthermore, ghosts cannot help you find out something about the future but rather help in finding people or objects; they can also try to give you some key advice. But they can also just lie to you.

Even if you call upon the ghost of a dead person, who was close to you in life, you are making them overcome the border between our world and the afterlife, which is difficult.

It may just so happen that the ghost, called by you, does not show up because it wants to protect you from the consequences of this ritual, but in its place, a malicious spirit may appear.

You need to remember that during the ritual you must not step out of the drawn circle. Do not take anything from the ghost and do not give it anything, you also cannot ask it about life beyond the grave.

You need to speak quietly and gently with the ghost. If you sense that some other ghost instead of the one you intended to summon appears, immediately end the session.


If you get the urge to hug the ghost, don't do it, for you will end up suffering very severe consequences.

In order to prepare for the ritual of summoning, choose a day which was important to the deceased - their birthday, wedding day or some other important event in their life.

The preparation is difficult and time-consuming. You need to fast beginning 40 days before the summoning - do not eat meat. Eggs and dairy products are allowed.

During those days, keep a portrait of the deceased in a visible area, covering it with cloth during the night. Keep a cup of water and a piece of bread next to the portrait every single day.

After 39 days have passed, buy 40 church candles and bring a few clumps of dirt from their grave.

Throughout the entire day of the summoning ritual, you must not leave the area where you intend to summon the spirit. You need to keep silent and have the curtains closed. There must be no mirrors and nails on the walls.

Right at midnight, draw a circle on the floor of the room using chalk. In this circle place 2 chairs - one in which you will sit and on the second - place 2 cups of water and 2 pieces of bread. Women need to have their hair loose. There must be no metal jewelry on your body.

Evil Ghost

Light the candles and turn off the lights. If something happens, which incites fear in you, you need to be able to push the bread and cups of water to the floor - then the ghost will disappear.

Keep in mind that you need to well consider the risk of summoning, since this ritual can cause serious changes in your psyche.

If, after all, you decide to carry it out, you need to utter an incantation while holding the clumps of dirt from the grave of the dead. You need to say the following, while first mentioning the name of the deceased:

"I call you from the grave, from the flowers and from the wreath, from the icon on the breast, from the last candle, I invite you to me. I summon you to rise from the dead and stand outside the circle! "

If the ghost appears, you will know it because the room will become very cold, objects may move, you may hear voices and noises.

Many people who have attempted to summon a ghost have had the need of help from a psychiatrist afterward, so think carefully once more before you call a ghost.



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