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Female body language

Female body language

Women are certainly among the most complex and contradictory creatures in the world. If at one point she says something, the next moment she thinks otherwise, the third instant she wants something completely different. But, what can you do, womanhood is complicated and this can not be denied, but despite all the inconsistencies, women are beautiful creatures. A thing that can never be masked is body language. As men behave a certain way during social calls, the female body also reveals much about the woman herself, even if she does not want to say it.

When her fingers are playing with her hair, she is trying to impress the man in front of. If she likes you, she will caress her face, neck, shoulders or legs at some point.

While standing, if the knees or shoulders are pointed right at the man in front of her, it's a positive sign. If she leans towards the man - it's good too. When sitting across from someone, if she is crossing her legs and feet and are aimed at you, it means that she is interested. If she stares at a man and touches him under a pretext, she is probably intrigued by him.

If she seeks his attention, she is keenly interested in him. Simple tricks to attract the attention of the opposite sex are sexy clothes, touching the tip of the glass and often licking the lips. If she bites her lips, the lady gives a sign that she is either nervous or just flirting.

By some of the signs, you may know that she is in a bad mood and not interested. If her hands are crossed, all doors are closed to her. This may even be a sign that she is angry. If she stares at her hands or stamps on the table, be careful because he is angry or nervous.

When a woman is sitting with legs crossed or intertwined, it is a sign that she is not interested or that is not ready for physical intimacy. If she does not smile and look at the man's eyes, failure is almost certain. Clenched lips and hands, or a bowed head are sure signs that she is angry.