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Palmistry - Meaning of the Line of Success


The line of success is also referred to as the line of intelligence and the sun. It is parallel to the line of fate, under the ring finger.

It symbolizes fame or scandal. It increases success, if such is alluded to by the line of fate. It gives fame and distinction in life, when it is in accordance with work and career, as dictated by the other lines of the hand.

- A line of success, which arises out of the line of life, shows that that life will be devoted to idolatry of beautiful things.

- A line of success that rises out of the line of fate increases success, as promised by the latter.

- A line of success coming out of the Mount of the Moon promises success and peculiarities, depending to a high extent on the fancies and aid of others.

- The line of success that blends into the line of reasoning indicates achievements in poetry, literature, as well as things related to the imagination.

- The line of success located on the Plain of Mars, promises success after hardship.

- If a line of success flows out of the line of reasoning, this illustrates that the whims of others have no connection to success - the talent of the person is the main factor, but after they reach the second half of their life.

- A line of success that rises out of the line of the heart means a wonderful taste in art and artistic things.

- Whenever the line of fate and the sun line are parallel along with a straight line of reasoning - this is one of the greatest signs of the acquisition of wealth.

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