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Ghosts in the airplane

Ghosts in the airplane

Faye Merivedar was a stewardess working for Airline Company in the U.S in 1973 when she experienced something incredible.

When she looked through the glass in the oven she saw a tense male person. She looked one more time to see the male person staring back at her an ran with horror to the cockpit.

Ghosts in the airplane

The flight engineer immediately followed her and when he looked at the glass mat of the oven he also saw a familiar face. He recognized the face as his late colleague and friend Do Rep who had died the previous year during a flight.

The engineer was allowed no time to recover from this shock as the person spoke the words; 'Attention, attention! Fire in the plane'. This prophecy came true three months later.

Rep Don was also a flight engineer. He was flying from New York to Miami in 1972. The pilot of the plane Bob Loft also died during the flight. However his spirit also appeared several times during different flights.

The flight ended in disaster. The plane landed in marshland, leaving nothing to save other than a few objects including the kitchen. Later the kitchen was mounted on another plane which was where the spirit of Don Rep first appeared.

The prediction of Don Rep came true. The ghosts appeared more than twenty times. One time the face of Don Rep was seen on the door of where the baggage was kept, when they attendant went to check out the appearance, in fact they saw the smoke from the fire that was predicted.

The ghosts stopped to visit the aircraft when the company was forced to make some water rituals on the planes.