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The Australian City Teeming with Ghosts


There's hardly any populated area on Earth where there hasn't been a ghost seen at least once. But lately it's as if the Australian city of Toowoomba is absolutely teeming with errant ghosts.

Word of the happenings in this populated area spread so far and wide that people from around the world are flocking in the hopes of encountering beings from the afterlife and photographing them.

The residents of Toowoomba first began having frightful experiences 4 years ago, when an elderly man went to the local cemetery on a spring day.

While he was walking through the cemetery his attention was caught by an unusual silhouette that was hovering over the deceased. The retired man snapped photos of the image with his cell phone, permanently capturing the vision, writes the Daily Mail.

Other people from the city share that a phantom jumped out of nowhere during a backyard party and terrified everyone present. Another Toowoomba resident shares that he felt something strange while he was at the cemetery, after which he was tripped by a ghost.


But the presence of ghostly beings in the Australian city does not end there. Residents report many other similar phenomena as well. It was these occurrences that made ghost chasers Kylie Samuels and Katie Harvey begin to investigate the case. After responding to numerous calls by frightened locals, they are more than convinced that they're dealing with the classic type of ghost town.

To support their hypothesis with proof, Kylie and Katie began carefully looking at all known cases. They examined photos, video footage and took walks often in the epicenter of the events.

During their investigation, the 2 women came upon an unusual blue mist, filmed in the area of the cemetery, the ghost of a lady in red, as well as another ghost roaming around the cemetery.

According to experts, the presence of so many ghosts in the area can be explained by the fact that in the 20s of the last century there were a number of incidents there that caused the deaths of many.

Perhaps the souls of these individuals still cannot find peace and continue to wander between the 2 worlds.