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How to banish a ghost

How to banish a ghost

If you feel the presence of an evil spirit near you and your family, what you have to do is, try to chase it out.

Here are some things that you can use in this fight.

One of the things which are appropriate, is to use herbs. Since ancient times they are used by various religious and occult rituals.

In order to successfully ward off evil spirits, use the help of anise seed, scattered around your home. The same offensive manoeuvre is possible with fennel seeds.

Use the stem, leaves and rhizome of a penny whistle. If you want to make an amulet against evil spirits, use the leaves and flowers of thistles or crushed bay leaves. Burning nettle leaves will help exorcise evil spirits. If your house has a baby, put a bag above it’s head, with seeds of fennel . It will protect him from the influence of evil spirits.

The clover is a plant that could be put into use. Should be worn in a red bag, for happiness. For banishing spirits, the cover is immersed in vinegar and left to soak for three days and then every corner of the house should be sprayed with this vinegar.

Every day, pray and do it sincerely and heartily. You must be persistent in your prayers.

You can do the capturing ritual, but that is more complex. Also very effective are salt crystals. They are used in many rituals, but salt is a great tool to capture various low level effects.

Spirits can be caught by stabbing crystals into the space occupied by the spirit, if the place can be determined. Highly concentrated human will in combination with pinpricks and strikes with iron tools can be helpful in localizing the site of the spirit.

Expulsion can be done by plain water. It accepts and dissipates psychic charge. Therefore, in rituals loaded with salt crystals, use water to dissolve them. Such water can be splashed in the place where the spirit is.



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