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Vicious Ghost Attacks Students in Peru


A wicked incident took place recently in Peru. Students from the northern city of Tarapoto were attacked by an evil spirit, report foreign media.

The frightening incident occurred during class, with kids from different grades confirming it. According to their claims, the adolescents were attacked by a horrifying ghost with a black beard. More than 100 students were seen writhing on the floor and screaming, while none of the teachers could find any reason for their behavior.

The children explained that the demon that felled them to the ground was trying to choke them. He was so strong that they were unable to resist him in any way. The incident with the attacked children stirred genuine panic in Tarapoto and some parents are now seriously worried about their children's safety.

It turns out that there were similar incidents earlier this year but the number of children attacked by the spirit was significantly less. But it's as if over time the being has been growing more aggressive. And even though some experts are trying to find a logical explanation for the event, this has been impossible thus far.

Parapsychologists, who are following the situation, however, are certain that the cause of all of these problems is an evil spirit. They point out that the school sits on grounds where there was once a cemetery and it seems that an evil spirit has now decided to make its presence known. In fact, there may be several ghosts rampaging about.

Earlier this year a ghost was also seen at a Malaysian school. The mysterious being scared students and teachers so much that the school was forced to temporarily close until the problem was resolved.

Exorcists and other experts were called to the area to banish the evil spirit. After they got involved, the being was indeed driven out of the building and the students once again returned to class.