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Ghosts visit their families before death

Ghosts visit their families before death

Many Spirits appear only once, at the moment when their earthly time is over.

One of the first documented stories of this kind happened in 1250. A skeleton appeared before the abbess of England. In heraldry, emblazoned on the shield, she realizes that this is her relative Longspi William, who was at that time in the Crusade. She wanted to share with her friends his visit, but nobody believed her. Six months later, the envoy from Egypt brought the news that Longspi was killed by the cruel Saracens exactly the day when the ghost appeared.

Ghosts visit their families before death

On 22 June 1893 Lady Tyrone hosted a reception at her home in Eaton Square in London. Shortly after 3.30pm many of the guests saw her husband, George Admiral Tyrone, passing silently through the hall.

When they told Lady Tyrone, his wife, she was quite confused: "You must had been deceived. My husband is at sea and commands the maneuvers". On the same day, however George Admiral Tyrones ship of the Royal Marina Victoria, sank after colliding with another vessel.

Another case: Lord Brougham in 1871 tells in his memoirs of a transaction entered into with his colleagues from Edinburgh University. The deal was the following, who ever is to die first, is to appear to the others, to give information about Life after death.

A friend of the Lord went to India for some years and was not heard of and no news was ever received from him. But one evening, when Brougham went out of the bathroom to take a towel, he saw his friend sitting on a stool. When he recovered from the shock, the vision was gone. Later he received a letter from India, which reported that his friend had died.

Two strange stories did accompany the death of the English Lord Thomas of Littleton, buried in November 1779. One morning at breakfast Littleton remembered that night he saw a spirit. A girl whom he visited, was seduced in their home after he abandoned her, and committed suicide. She told the Lord that he would die after just three days in the same minute. This happened on 24th November.

Littleton was not worried by the experiences and exported a brilliant speech in the House of Lords. On the third night, exactly at 23:00 hours, he fell in the hands of his maid.

Littleton on the same day was invited for a weekend with Peter Andrew, his colleague in parliament. Peter Andrew waited a long time and finally went to bed a little angry. He woke up around 23:00 hours and saw Littleton on his bed. The Lord was dressed in a robe that Peter Andrew had previously prepared for him.

Peter snapped as his guest asking why he's so late, but Littleton said: "With me it is done, Andrew".