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Symbolism and Meaning of the Color GreySymbolism and Meaning of the Color Grey
25 Jan.
Plus, they bear a specific meaning. Colors are peculiar symbols that act as psychological catalysts and are used in numerous systems of influence....
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color BlueSymbolism and Meaning of the Color Blue
10 Feb.
The symbolism of the different colors comes from the associations we make when we look at them....
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color PinkSymbolism and Meaning of the Color Pink
07 Jan.
Pink is one of those colors that has endless contradictory meanings. The color is a symbol of escapism from reality, a synonym of impracticality....
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color WhiteSymbolism and Meaning of the Color White
17 Aug.
What's intriguing is that the symbolism of the color white overlaps across nearly all religions and mythologies, constantly linked with purity, faith, goodness and justice....
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color BlackSymbolism and Meaning of the Color Black
07 July
Each nuance carries its own power and symbolism, which is also the reason why some people are attracted to it, while others are repulsed....
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color OrangeSymbolism and Meaning of the Color Orange
11 June
The color orange, one of the most favored in the color spectrum, is a bright symbol of warmth and pure energy. It embodies the complete balance between consciousness and libido....
Symbolism and meaning of the color redSymbolism and meaning of the color red
07 Oct.
Basic symbolic meanings of the color red date from antiquity to the present day. Loved by some, hated by others, this color grabs attention and creates special feelings in those who see it....
Green Color Symbolism and MeaningGreen Color Symbolism and Meaning
08 Dec.
The more sparkling shades carry the same symbolism - they are rather tense and confused though....
Yellow Color Meaning and SymbolismYellow Color Meaning and Symbolism
08 Dec.
Pale yellow color is connected with adultery. The meaning of yellow in the era of the Renaissance is close to the color interpretation of Christianity....
The symbolism and significance of the color blueThe symbolism and significance of the color blue
22 Sept.
The symbolism of different colors is conceived by the associations we make when we look at them. Blue is cold for artists, but the connection that we make when we look at it, it is not something cold and unpleasant....
The Love Symbolism of Colors in DreamsThe Love Symbolism of Colors in Dreams
22 Nov.
Dreams with colors are seen less frequently in people. But just like black and white dreams, they harbor a certain symbolism related to love....
Symbolism and Influence of the Eye of NazarSymbolism and Influence of the Eye of Nazar
28 July
The Eye of Nazar - this is the name of the blue amulet crafted in the shape of an eye, a very common sight in the Middle East and some European countries. The evil eye or "nazar boncuğu" as it is also called, is one of...
Talismans and amulets: meaning and colorsTalismans and amulets: meaning and colors
15 Aug.
Brown is a color that soothes and helps you to find what exactly what you should to do with your life....
The meanings and uses of AgateThe meanings and uses of Agate
22 Aug.
There are almost transparent agates and the colors of this stone are very diverse....
Symbolism of the UnicornSymbolism of the Unicorn
09 Apr.
An ancient Babylonian amulet nearly 4000 years old illustrates the unicorn as a double-natured animal - 2 unicorns that symbolize the tree of life....
Symbolism of the BirthdaySymbolism of the Birthday
14 Oct.
In order to delve into the symbolic meanings of birthday celebrations, we must go back to the dawn of this custom. It was born during those ancient times, when people first began to use the stars for prophecy....
Meaning of Colors and Numbers in Dreams According to FreudMeaning of Colors and Numbers in Dreams According to Freud
30 Oct.
Brown - the color of earth, it symbolizes discipline. White - a symbol of innocence, joy and peace. Golden - this color in a dream shows you that you have a subconscious need for change....
Meaning of colors on our bodyMeaning of colors on our body
16 May
The orange color is also useful for stomach problems, and also the color yellow for nervous tension....
The meaning of FlowersThe meaning of Flowers
07 Sept.
It is customary to gift a flower to a young girl, during the initial courtship. Three flowers are donated in a serious relationship, when a man is not yet convinced that he will receive reciprocity. When the bouquet is...
Meaning and Properties of ZirconiumMeaning and Properties of Zirconium
19 Feb.
Amidst the most beautiful golden-yellow and red zirconium, we also see brown, yellow-green and pigeon blue stones....
Meaning and Properties of ZirconMeaning and Properties of Zircon
17 Apr.
Whenever certain impurities fall into it, it is colored yellow, orange, blue, red, brown or green. In its pure form zircon is a very beautiful precious stone....
Meaning and Properties of AlexandriteMeaning and Properties of Alexandrite
26 Mar.
Alexandrite is among the rarest gemstones in the world. It possesses the unique ability to turn green under direct sunlight and red under artificial lighting. According to legend, during the day alexandrite turns into...
Healing Properties and Symbolism of AngeliteHealing Properties and Symbolism of Angelite
23 Mar.
These stones usually fall into the blue-grey color range, forming an association with the angelic. Hence the stone's name "Angelite"....
The importance and meaning of stones in our dreamsThe importance and meaning of stones in our dreams
14 Mar.
Some dreams the diamond appears in different colors. The symbolism of the stone is added plus the symbolism of color is also added to the meaning....
Palmistry - Meaning of the Line of the HeartPalmistry - Meaning of the Line of the Heart
23 Oct.
The line of the heart is an extremely important line of the hand. It is a horizontal line above the line of reasoning - located in the upper part of the palm, at the base of the fingers. The line symbolizes everything...