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Meaning of Colors and Numbers in Dreams According to Freud

Antonia R.Antonia R.

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Based on Sigmund Freud's observations, the numbers and colors we dream of can accurately reveal our subconscious thoughts and desires if interpreted.


Red - symbolizes aggression, passion and danger. Since it is the color of blood, red can also be the symbol of life.

Orange - if this color appears in your dream, it means that you haven't been feeling well for a while and you have the need of more positivism in your life.

Yellow - a symbol of intelligence. If dreaming of it, it means that you are pretending or faking something and you have the need to express your true self.

Green - usually it symbolizes nature but if you see it in your dream, it is evidence that you are at a standstill and have need of personal growth.


Gray - this is the color of depression. If witnessed in a dream, this color means that you've lost your way. You feel lost and don't know what path to take.

Blue - if you see another person dressed in blue clothes in a dream, it means that you subconsciously think that you look alike. In general, the color blue in a dream indicates that you need to lay some kind of foundations in your life, to help you count on your intuition.

Purple - symbolizes mystery. Purple things in a dream are things which you know next to nothing about and you have a strong desire to investigate them.

Black - black in your dream is most often linked with death but this does not necessarily mean a physical death. It can be the loss of something very important to you. Black has to do with a lot of grief and suffering that you need to get through.

Brown - the color of earth, it symbolizes discipline.

White - a symbol of innocence, joy and peace.

Golden - this color in a dream shows you that you have a subconscious need for change.

Silver - this color in a dream represents things that you truly care for.



1 - the symbol of unity but loneliness as well.

2 - a symbol of conflict but in some cases, it can denote entering a relationship,

3 - symbolizes perfection. It can also mean that you are the 3rd faction between 2 people who are in conflict.

4 - symbolizes wholeness. It may mean that you are completely finished with your psychological development or development related to another key issue.

5 - the symbol of change. Often it is a sign that you are starting from scratch.

6 - it may symbolize a conflict but also completeness, since it is the sum of 3's.

7 - an indication that you need to change something around you. It may also be a sign of a conflict around you.

8 - symbolizes infinity and an eternally recurring cycle.

9 - a sign that you are ready to be done with something in your life.

0 - the same meaning as the number 1.

If you witness 3-digit or 4-digit numbers in your dream, add them up until you get a single digit number and then look at the meaning.