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The Last Remaining Primitive Tribes on the Planet

Antonia R.Antonia R.

As unbelievable as it may sound, primitive tribes still exist on our planet, living in complete isolation from the rest of the world and rarely having contact with outsiders.

Contemporary primitive tribes have their own culture, speak a unique language and have retained millennia-old traditions, unknown to their neighbors.

Due to our ever more technologically advancing world however, we bear witness to the disappearance of these rare tribes.

1. Kazakhs - the Kazakhs are a tribe that owe their origins to the mythical Huns. They are considered a mongoloid race and the remaining 100 000 people from the primitive tribe live in the territories between Siberia and the Black Sea.


2. Himba - known as tall and shapely shepherds, the people of the African Himba tribe are currently living in truly extreme conditions. Himba is an ancient tribe, known since back in the 16th century. From then until now, life has not changed for the people of the tribe and they still live in scattered villages.

3. Mursi - the Mursi tribe inhabit south Ethiopia, near the Sudan border. The fascinating thing about the women of this particular tribe is that they wear a large plate on their lower lip, which is pierced, elongated, with all their lower teeth taken out, in order to make room for the plate.

The people from this tribe believe that certain animals and objects have supernatural powers.

4. Zulu - the Zulu are the most influential group of tribes in South Africa. They speak the Isizulu language, which has no equivalent found thus far.


The boys from the tribe woo the girls by giving them beads as gifts, to show their love.

5. Tuareg - the nomadic Tuareg tribe can be found in the West Sahara region. The amount of livestock is of significance in this tribe, since according to them it symbolizes wealth.

This primitive tribe is one of the few which allows women to take part in tribal decision making.

6. Kuba - the Kuba tribe inhabits territories in the Republic of the Congo and speaks a language known as BaKuba. Dogs are highly worshipped in this tribe, since the primitive Africans believe that they carry out God's will.