Symbolism of the Unicorn

Jana G.Jana G.

The mythical unicorn creature is found in the traditions of many peoples. There are numerous depictions of it in various parts of the world. April 9 marks Unicorn Day, so let's further discuss this beloved creature from mythology.

Unicorns are always depicted with a horn on their forehead that's often spiraling out. In ancient times, it was believed the unicorn came from India, where it was illustrated as having a red head, with a white or black horn.

Images of it appeared in Babylon, China, Tibet and Greece. The zenith of unicorn popularity in Western Europe was during the Middle Ages.

The unicorn symbolizes power, strength, which counter the power of darkness, in this way maintaining balance in the Universe.

It also symbolizes the sun's rays, cleanliness, the drive to unify and centralize. Its spiral horn is a reminder that it is unchanging in time.

Unicorn Symbolism

The unicorn embodies freedom and knowledge, it shows the way to those who seek the truth. Many traditions accept the unicorn as a mythical animal that exemplifies supreme magical domination.

Further it epitomizes love and sympathy. In Babylon, the unicorn was depicted as a winged horse with a single horn in the middle of its forehead.

An ancient Babylonian amulet nearly 4000 years old illustrates the unicorn as a double-natured animal - 2 unicorns that symbolize the tree of life.

In Sumerian mythology, the unicorn was a lunar symbol, an attribute of the goddesses - virgins. In ancient China, the unicorn was a union of the male and female beginnings.

Since ancient times, it's been known that unicorns only appear to people in rare situations. It was thought to be a portent of good news. Its emergence also symbolized the birth of a truly wise person, as was the case when a unicorn marked the birth of Confucius.

In Tibet, the unicorn is the bridge between Earth and Sky, between the worlds of darkness and light, between the hidden and the obvious. In Tibet, the unicorn is a symbol of awakened consciousness, it shows the way and inspires people in the search for wisdom.

In India, the unicorn embodies spiritual wealth. In Christianity, the horn of the unicorn is a symbol of the oneness of god, of spiritual power and nobleness.