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Symbolism and Meaning of the Color Black


The colors we come across daily in nature, interior or clothes speak to us in a secret language that only our intuition can accurately define.

Each nuance carries its own power and symbolism, which is also the reason why some people are attracted to it, while others are repulsed. Today we will focus on black, which presented interest to past civilizations.

For the ancient Romans and Greeks, the color black was a symbol of mourning and death, for the Chinese - wisdom, while the Jews viewed it as gloomy. In Egypt and North Africa, this tone is a symbol of fertile soil and rain clouds.

In China, black corresponds to female energy - to earthly, magical and instinctive energy. In other mythologies this color is often linked to the afterlife and death, to evil spirits and misfortune. It is a symbol of the abyss, everything immense and immeasurable, incomprehensible and frightening.

Black animals have often been assigned supernatural powers. In the Middle Ages, the black cat was one of the attributes of witches. Today, superstitious people continue to believe that misfortune will come if a black cat crosses their path. Another animal that has always stood out in mythology is the black raven, which never foretells of good things to come.

Black raven

According to psychologists, a person preferring the color black instead of other colors wants to highlight their uniqueness, confidence in themselves and stability in their position.

A love of the color black frequently speaks of ambition, integrity and great rigor. Black clothes attract energy, which is why it's good to wear them when we're emotionally dominant or finding ourselves above trivial things.

According to American investigators, 57% of the cars in accidents are black-colored. Psychologists are of the opinion that owners of black automobiles only look happy on the outside but are in constant conflict with themselves on the inside, they see the world in a negative light and don't even trust those closest to them, the result being that they often fall into a depression. On the other hand, they yearn for others to notice them.