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Meaning and Properties of Zircon

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One of the first written testimonies for the use of zircon comes from the 6th century. Even earlier evidence can be found in ancient Hindu texts where it is mentioned as being one of the many precious stones of the kalpavriksha tree. It has to do with their religion and according to the stories its leaves were woven of green zircon.

In antiquity, zircon was called Hyacinth or Jacinth - the Latin name for the hyacinth plant. Legend speaks of the beautiful Hyacinth, who was killed by Apollo because he was jealous of his beauty. The beauty of Hyacinth was forever sealed in red zircon.

Zircon can be found in a wide gamma of colors. Even so, the most popular is colorless zircon. Visually it is very similar to diamonds. It differs in that it has double refraction and wear and dulling of the cut edges.

Every zircon in nature, in pure form, is colorless. Whenever certain impurities fall into it, it is colored yellow, orange, blue, red, brown or green.

In its pure form zircon is a very beautiful precious stone. However, today it is massively produced in artificial conditions. Naturally mined zircon is imported from Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia and elsewhere.

Zircon is one of the heaviest precious stones. Even though difficult, jewelry with it can tarnish. Because of this, it is common practice for jewelry dealers to wrap each one separately in paper so that they don't rub against each other.

Zircon stones

Zircon is known as the stone of quiet vibrations. It is thought to be capable of establishing a clearer connection between your inner self and the spiritual teachers. It allows a person to achieve peace with themselves.

Zircon can be seen in many colors, some of them artificially created. The different colors also possess different healing and magical properties:

- Colorless zircon - cleanses the aura and is worn for protection.

- Yellow zircon - brings wisdom, attracts love and is worn to boost sexual energy.

- Orange zircon - increases beauty and drives away jealousy and fears.

- Red zircon - attracts wealth, heals trauma, alleviates pain, drives away evil spirits and nightmares.

- Green zircon - attracts friends and wealth.

- Light blue zircon - balances and charges.

- Pink zircon - aids in astral traveling during the night while sleeping.

- Brown zircon - treats headache.

- Violet zircon - used for magic spells to attract money.