Your dreams on the night of Saturday to Sunday
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Your dreams on the night of Saturday to Sunday

Jana G.Jana G.
Your dreams on the night of Saturday to Sunday

People spend most of their lives sleeping. Scientists say five minutes after waking up one forgets 50% of their sleep and 10 minutes later, 90% is lost. There are some dreams, however, that we should try to remember. These are those that you dream on Saturday night. You ask why? The answer is that some scientists say that if you dream that night and you were able to remember your dream, it is almost certain that it will come true.

It is argued that what we dream on Saturday will be true especially if you've never dreamed before. Expected fulfillment of the dream will come over a period of one day to nine months. Some say that if the dream is prophetic and whether it will be fulfilled depends on your position in the bed. French experts recommend changing the location of your pillow every seven days. It's a way to remember the dream and to increase its chance of occurrence.

Write down what you dream, because it is highly likely that you can imperceptibly forget it. Make a habit to keep a diary on your dreams to and to interpret them.

If you dream the same thing on Saturday to Sunday night three times, it is almost certain that it will come true. According to a study if the dreaming is in the time interval between 20 and 00, it will come true after a long time or not at all, if you dream between 00 and 3 after midnight, it will be fulfilled within 3 months, and if it is after 3 am, it will come true very soon.

Prophetic dreams can have both positive and negative messages. Most of them are related to human health. When a disease is in its infancy, it is invisible by day, because then the brain is busy with other impressions. At night, the body relaxes and pain sensations reach the brain and thus you receive signals through dreams. The ancient physician Hippocrates noted that when a person becomes ill, they begin to dream more often.

Psychologists believe it is more reasonable to believe only the good dreams and for the bad ones to be ignored.