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Symbolism of the Birthday

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In order to delve into the symbolic meanings of birthday celebrations, we must go back to the dawn of this custom. It was born during those ancient times, when people first began to use the stars for prophecy.

Indeed, it was then that it became exceptionally important in which exact hour, day, month and year, each and every person appeared on the Earth. This was significant because a horoscope could only be created using these data. Back in those days, the horoscope was crucial and greatly honored.

The celebration of a birthday was something akin to a show of wealth for the Egyptian pharaohs and the wealthy Romans.


It is known that Cleopatra and Nero loved their birthdays in the same way that most Greeks and Romans did. Augustus performed an interesting practice of hosting festivities every month.

Well wishes, directed toward the birthday person, are loaded with the most powerful symbolism. They are a kind of attempt to shield the person from evil spirits.

Birthday Cake

This is needed, since it is believed that malicious spirits have the greatest chance to cause trouble during one's birthday, being unusually attracted to celebrations and changes. Birthdays certainly offer a dangerous combination of both.

In its modern state, the birthday celebration was born in Germany. It was there that children first began receiving presents and cakes decorated with candles on their birthdays.

The introduction of the cake into the ritual occurred in honor of Artemis. On her birthday, the Greeks ate round honey sweets with candles stuck in them.

However, the birthday cake symbolizes other things as well. Based on almost all holy books in many religions, it is thought that if you eat something, which has well-wishes written on it, it will come true.

It is exactly for this reason, that the words "Happy Birthday! " are written on the cake nowadays. The most widely-spread belief however, deals with the candles - if you blow them out all at once, the wish will come true.