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Talismans and amulets: meaning and colors

Talismans and amulets: meaning and colors

Talismans and amulets have a difference. Amulets protect from adverse impacts, and talismans give strong energy. But the aim of amulets, and talismans is the same - to bring luck to people.

Nowadays, many people wear amulets and talismans in the form of jewelry. Each talisman and amulet brings a different energy depending on its color.

Red symbolizes passion, courage, strength, good health and strong emotions. This color can be used to overcome the fears of a person or a difficult situation. It helps to gain good health.

A pink color means love, friendship and good relations. If you wear a pink amulet or talisman, it will improve your relationship with your partner.

Orange is used to increase personal power and attract energy. It has a stimulating effect and increases your ability to concentrate and think.

Yellow symbolizes intellect and power of thought. It is commonly used to help with the need to convince someone in his uprightness. Yellow is the color of joy, so is used to prevent a state of depression and anxiety.

Green symbolizes riches, healing of diseases and fertility. Women who have trouble conceiving should seek the help of this color.

Light blue symbolizes the healing of diseases, inner peace and happiness in family and love. Dark shades of blue represent impulsive actions and the desire for major changes.

Purple is a symbol of spirituality. If you have problems concentrating and you need to soothe your soul, this is the color for your amulet.

White is a pure color, symbolizing security, sincerity, truth and optimism. An amulet or talisman in white offers strong support in every situation.

Black banishes away negative energies and helps change lives. Brown is a color that soothes and helps you to find what exactly what you should to do with your life.