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Healing Properties and Symbolism of Angelite


Angelite is a type of gemstone that was discovered in Peru about 30 years ago, which means that it is just beginning to reveal its healing properties. These stones usually fall into the blue-grey color range, forming an association with the angelic. Hence the stone's name "Angelite".

As with all other gemstones, Angelite also has its mysterious influences on the human body. It's recommended to be worn by people who have a fear of something specific. Further, the gemstone is thought to counteract rudeness and aggression, causing sympathy on a subconscious level.

This mysterious gemstone brings inner peace, serenity and focuses the highest fields of heavenly light. People living in Peru and Mexico believe that Angelite possesses an energy and power called "Karuna". It embodies compassion, mercy and gentleness.

A lot has been said and written about this gemstone. As a whole it is associated with assuaging anger. Since our inner anger makes us isolate ourselves, this gemstone aids in improving communication with people and our own selves.

Quite often in cases of family problems or feuds at the workplace, some people blame those around them, while others blame themselves. In both cases, angelite helps us regain our inner and outer harmony, making us feel one with the world.


Angelite can be used to alleviate pain - both physical and psychological and even fights cruelty and brutality. It was also used to relieve the pain of stomach ulcers and sunburns. You can wear it like a medallion or place it in the room where you spend the majority of your time.

The gemstone has also shown good results in treating sore throat and thyroid gland problems. Its healing vibrations are also affect the upper part of the lungs. If you're having problems with water retention, you can once again turn to the mystical properties of angelite, which will help you get rid of the excess water.