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Symbolism and meaning of the color red

Symbolism and meaning of the color red

Basic symbolic meanings of the color red date from antiquity to the present day. Loved by some, hated by others, this color grabs attention and creates special feelings in those who see it.

It combines aggression and love, passion and life. It is also a symbol of wine - red has so many meanings and they are often contradictory.

Whether we like it or not, it can not be denied that the color red always causes a feeling of strong emotion - good or bad. Never going unnoticed in history, it is often symbolized by strong deep passionate feelings and desires for war and violence.

In Christianity, this color is associated with brilliance, the color of the blood of the martyrs and Christ's resurrection.

In ancient Egypt, the color red was a symbol of violence and cruelty, and in ancient China - the color was a symbol of life, a sacred color. In psychology, in the study of dreams, red hides any unfulfilled desires, symbolizing readiness for action, but realized only in the world of dreams.

The color’s symbolism is very controversial today - a symbol of both love and war, life and blood, power and revolution, of anger and passion, fire and jealousy. It is a background color in the ideology of communism.

Red is used on road signs saying "stop", indicating a threat, a red lantern suggests intimacy (red lanterns in China)

Furthermore, the color red is associated with warmth and strong emotions, which is why red flowers express very deep and intense love.

If you wear red, you show people around you that you are a person who would not hesitate to take a final decision in the name of success. At the same time, it awaken interest - the color will say "This is a strong and passionate individual".