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Violet Color - Symbolism and Properties

Violet Color - Symbolism and Properties

In the rainbow, violet occupies the last place. The reason is that the human eye cannot see shorter radiation. Another characteristic of violet is that it is obtained from the merging of two opposite colors - blue and red.

It is the most solid color in the rainbow. The ancients believed that a purple flame descended from the sky to the earth, which was higher than the white light. That's why purple has always been a symbol of rare and expensive things. From there, many miraculous properties are attributed to it.

It is believed that the color purple helps with various diseases. It soothes, improves and stabilizes vision. Nearsighted people are advised to look at the purple color continuously for 10 minutes to improve their vision.

This color is also used psychologically. It is a strong trump card in the fight against dark forces because it gives supernatural power to those who possess it. The boundaries between the material world and that of subtle energies are blurred in the presence of the purple color.

They define purple as a cold color, but if we look at each other, we immediately notice its warm shades. Therefore, in psychology, it personifies the unity of opposites, and this makes it mysterious and magical. Those who can see the aura say that when there is a lot of violet in it, or the color dominates the others, it is a sign that the soul is pure, freed from the vices and passions of the material world.

Violet Color

Purple eye color is something that undoubtedly excites people greatly. In life, it is impossible to see real purple eyes. However, the shades of color in the coloring of the iris arouse delight among those around.

If for eye color we cannot enjoy the dominance of violet, then in clothing this is not a problem. Psychologists attribute to purple tones the ability to strengthen intuition of a person, and therefore it is good to bet on this color in clothing if we have something important ahead of us that requires us to mobilize our intuition to the maximum extent.

The lilac shade is also associated with romance, sentimentality, sophistication and is suitable for creatively minded individuals as well as anyone who tolerates perfection everywhere in life.

Violet has many shades, combines with all kinds of colors and we surprisingly find out how universal it is in its essence.