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The Man who Traveled to the Future Reveals What We Can Expect in 2749

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Al Bielek

American man Al Bielek claimed he was part of the legendary Philadelphia Experiment in the year 1943 and that he had time traveled. He said that he spent 6 weeks in the year 2137 and an entire 2 years in the 28th century.

Bielek described the distant future as being high tech and that Earth wouldn't be ruled by people but by a single computer with hyperintellectual capabilities.

According to him, we will see a socialist regime ascend to power on our planet in just a few centuries, while governments and presidents become only memories. Further, he claims that the climatic changes we're seeing today are not insignificant and that humanity will face changes of a catastrophic nature in the future.

Al shares the story of how he was on board the USS Eldridge (DE-173) on August 13, 1943, as part of the Philadelphia Experiment, which was testing whether light could be manipulated using Einstein's Theory of Relativity and if it could enable a person to time travel.

During the experiment, Bielek explains that he lost consciousness for only a few minutes and that when he awoke he found himself in the year 2137.

He was taken to a hospital he had never seen before. Doctors used equipment that worked with light and vibration to restore their patient's vitality at a lightning-fast pace.

In that year he learned that humanity had been actively fighting the severe weather changes that had been going on since the year 2025. In the year 2137, the planet was already changed beyond recognition.

The US state of Florida was completely under water, the World's Ocean level had risen, while Georgia had become a coastal state.

The magnetic poles will begin to shift but humanity will manage to create artificial ones and prevent disasters dealing with a pole shift.

Bielek also says there will be a Third World War. Throughout its course, America and Europe will wage war against Russia and China.

In 2020, American military documents will be declassified, which will reveal that the American government had been secretly working with an extraterrestrial civilization since 1954.

In 2749, Al Bielek saw cities floating in the oceans. The intellectual abilities of all of humanity were greater, while telepathy was developed to perfection.

The planet will be run by a giant computer, while all people live as one united nation.

Bielek concludes with the warning that no matter what we do there's no way to change the future. It is predetermined, both for the individual and for humanity as a whole.