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Green Color Symbolism and Meaning

Green Forrest

Colors influence our psyche. If we can identify green briefly, the most appropriate would be - optimism and abundance. Most often characterize green as the color of nature - birth, renewal, and the beginning of new life.

Extremely versatile as a color, long contemplation of green calms the mind, freeing our souls from evil and unnecessary thoughts. Darker shades talk about confidence.

If you are somebody who loves the color green, it means that you love balance, you are able to feel, to understand, you are a compassionate person. It I quite safe to say that green is the color of harmony – it conveys both a sense of peace and revival of life.

The problem with people who love the color green is that because of their deep conviction that things must be in balance and harmony, their decisions are made more difficult.

If you define the color red as the color of love and deep passion, we can say that green is also love, but one that is aimed at us.


You can choose the color for the walls in your living room, or bedroom – it would work well and will make the room fresh, but only if you choose pale shades.

Green is a symbol of many countries and is present in most of the flags. An example is Ireland, where the green color in their flag symbolizes the Anglo-nomadic element of the population.

Its not accidental that the traffic light turns green when you can go - green symbolizes the ability to move and grow.

The more sparkling shades carry the same symbolism - they are rather tense and confused though. If you're wearing a green dress, you should know that you will tell your companions that business is in your blood and luck is on your side.

Simultaneously, it will imply that you compromise, so that all people are happy and have balance. Of all the colors in the palette, green tires our eyes the least.