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Symbolism and Meaning of the Color Orange

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The color orange, one of the most favored in the color spectrum, is a bright symbol of warmth and pure energy. It embodies the complete balance between consciousness and libido.

Orange represents self-confidence, renewal, individuality and health. Since it's a mediator, it demands loyalty. The symbol of loyalty, hyacinth, is orange. Even so, at times it can fall into extremes and infidelity.

The human eye links the color orange with tropics, with happiness and the sun. It creates a genuine feeling of warmth. It's characterized by attraction, success, encouragement, stimulation, enthusiasm, charm, happiness, creativity and decisiveness. Unlike red, no matter how saturated the color orange, it can never become aggressive.

In the world of fruits, it is linked with a healthy beginning. It's been proven to stimulate appetite. Because of this it is often used in food product advertisement. Additionally, it has a positive effect on little children and is used massively in toy production and ads. In industry, the color has become associated with cheap goods.

Young people take kindly to the color orange. For them it represents positivism, humor and friendly relations. It stimulates tolerance, trust and the feeling of being one whole.

Orange color

Orange is among the preferred colors of fashion designers. Accents in the orange palette make elements of the clothing appear more voluminous and more closely related. Because of this ability it's frequently used to attract attention.

The most important elements of design are highlighted by orange. The color is capable of boosting self-esteem, imparting confidence and optimism in its wearer. In others it creates an impression of enthusiasm, warmth and confidence.

Pale orange is the color of peaches and apricots. It symbolizes refinement, luxury, elegance and romance.

Dark orange, on the other hand, is the color of fall and collection of the harvest. In red-orange we see a union of pleasure, domination, aggression, thirst for action, desire and sexual passion.

Bright orange is the color of citrus. It's also a metaphor for health. At the same time, the color amber is a fusion of openness, honesty, integrity and sociability. The gold color, another shade of orange, is on the other hand a symbol of prestige, a sign of wisdom and wealth.