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Yellow Color Meaning and Symbolism

Nina NordNina Nord
yellow color

The is a yellow symbol of the sun, the source of heat and light, without which life on Earth is impossible. Yellow fills you with positive energy.

The significance of the yellow color in different eras and in different nations is not the same. In Christianity, its significance was determined by hue. Everything about the divine, should have a golden hue, and greyish-yellow was associated with lies, mistrust and lack of good qualities. Pale yellow color is connected with adultery.

The meaning of yellow in the era of the Renaissance is close to the color interpretation of Christianity. In Brazil, the color yellow is associated with accidents and diseases.

In China, yellow represents the glory and the power symbol of the empire. Yellow is associated in many countries with separation and infidelity.

Yellow is warm, it induces positive emotions in humans and is mostly associated with joy and happiness. Yellow helps strengthen the brain and improve memory.

The meaning of yellow color is actively used in advertising, as one remembers longer ads in which this color is used.

Yellow combined with green in many places is associated with envy and hypocrisy. Yellow combined with black, is subconsciously perceived by people as a sign of danger.

A golden yellow color of the aura is unique to people who are raised to a higher level of enlightenment, it is a sign that the man is very gifted in spirituality.

Yellow symbolizes autumn, so it is sometimes a symbol of illness and even death. In the familiar mythology, a golden shade of yellow is a symbol of happiness, wealth and immortality.

For Christians, the color is also a sign of the betrayal of Judas, and in Buddhism, it is the color of humility and renunciation of vanity, so Buddhist monks wear yellow clothes.