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The symbolism and significance of the color blue

The symbolism and significance of the color blue

The symbolism of different colors is conceived by the associations we make when we look at them. Blue is cold for artists, but the connection that we make when we look at it, it is not something cold and unpleasant.

Most often, it is associated with the sky, sea, cleanliness, air, freedom and truth. Of course, different colors have different associations and symbolism, but sky and water are always the first items we know.

It is said that blue is to some extent empty, filled with some very cold aristocracy. What the specific character of these associations are, we can understand from chromatology (the science of teaching colors).

In ancient Egypt, blue occupied a very special place - it was a symbol of the god of truth. After the death of Pharaoh, before he was turned into a mummy, Egyptians inserted in his heart an emerald.

In Japan, the association is linked to death, because it is a symbol of mourning. In the Christian religion, blue color symbolizes kindness, honesty and virtue.

Nowadays, blue color also has its symbols, which are different from the past. Blue clothes most often show that we are confident in a good mental and physical condition, we know exactly what and how we need to achieve. At the same time, blue color is not arrogant - on the other hand, it makes us look relaxed and never fails to attract the attention of others to us.

Such associations are for the lighter shades of blue, but if you talk about dark blue, things are different. The symbolism of dark blue is power, strength and determination. According to Feng Shui, blue is a great choice for meditation, it also conveys a sense of mystery and opens our minds, gives us the opportunity to feel independent.