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Meaning and Properties of Alexandrite

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Alexandrite is among the rarest gemstones in the world. It possesses the unique ability to turn green under direct sunlight and red under artificial lighting. According to legend, during the day alexandrite turns into an emerald and at night - into a purple amethyst.

Alexandrite was discovered in 1834 in the Urals on the birthday of the Russian Czar Alexander II. That was when the Czar reached adulthood. The precious stone was named in his honor.

Alexandrite is described as having many mystical properties. It has a regenerative effect and enhances qualities such as expansiveness, creativity and awareness thanks to the energy of its crystal form. When one wears it, it balances their emotional well-being, increases self-esteem and helps them achieve change in their lives. In addition it brings its wearer success, sensuality and love.

Since it is so rare, alexandrite is also very expensive. It is believed that wearing it attracts luck and happiness. It corresponds to the element of water and is frequently used for love magic.

Alexandrite is actively used for meditation. It balances 2 of the chakras by encouraging the flow of energy through them. The wearer will easily find their inner self during introspection through meditation.

Besides stimulating feelings of success and happiness, alexandrite helps achieve emotional balance. It is found in 2 forms - as a gemstone and in crystal form. The gemstone aids in the case of death/rebirth. On the other hand the crystal form balances the emotions and inspires confidence.

In alternative medicine, alexandrite is used to treat spleen diseases, pancreatic and lymph node problems and issues that arise during leukemia.

Alexandrite is the stone of Pisces, as well as some representatives of Aquarius and Scorpio. A folk tradition states that to dream of alexandrite means to fight for progress and success in life. If you wear alexandrite on its own, this will bring you loneliness.