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The meaning of Flowers


It is customary to gift a flower to a young girl, during the initial courtship. Three flowers are donated in a serious relationship, when a man is not yet convinced that he will receive reciprocity.

When the bouquet is larger, so are the feelings of those who gave it. If you gve a bouquet without reason, that is good, and a smart move to capture the fortress.

Carnations are given by men who are quite old fashioned, and out of the secular media. Those who give gerberas, think before you perform any action.

In love this gift might even be a pedant, which is great fun. The man who gives tulips, is refined and sophisticated. And those who chose irises, wants to show affection, without being intrusive.

The meaning of Flowers

Given orchids? He wants to impress the lady and manages to achieve it. Lily gives a man who gives everything, but wants it all in return.

The man who has chosen tin - means that he wanted to surprise and surprise the woman. He loves impressive gestures, and you can expect expensive and luxurious gifts.

Men who choose chrysanthemums, are too practical. They tend to waste money, by basically trying to save wherever they can.

Whoever gives hyacinths is an incurable romantic and can be easily manipulated. Peony choose those who appreciate a woman's natural behavior.

Gladioli are a more typical gift for a teacher, not a romantic date, but it simply means that man needs protection, and maternal attitude. Roses mean love. They show that there is a desperate need for physical passion.