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Symbolism and Meaning of the Color White

White Dove

In the majority of people the color white induces a feeling of ease and quiet, coolness and light. This is the color of sincerity, the ideal, imagination and dreams, a symbol of truth and innocence.

What's intriguing is that the symbolism of the color white overlaps across nearly all religions and mythologies, constantly linked with purity, faith, goodness and justice. Of course even this rule has its exceptions - some African tribes associate this color with nothingness and fear.

According to Peter Deunov, a person expresses their readiness to serve God without any external rules and norms through the color white. The pure soul, angels, freshness and spring are all white.

The Eastern science of Feng Shui advises that one wall of the bedroom of a newborn be painted white so that the little one doesn't experience any sleep problems.

In other traditions there is a custom of making a wedding mask for the bride using white paint and colored beads.

On the other hand, even though rarely, white is also associated with death.


For the color white, life and death are equal. White light embodies the world, while white darkness - the kingdom of death.

Because of this, a white egg is a symbol of life and a white corpse shroud - of death. White represents fertility and infertility, the interest toward life and boredom, energy and its absence, to the same degree.

In general, this color is considered unnatural since it can rarely be seen in nature. But then it is extremely common in inanimate nature - clouds, snow, fog and so on.

The whiteness of falling snow embodies purity. Old men's beards are also white, linking them with the wisdom of their ancestors. In any case, white stands out from the general background, testifying to the uniqueness of the objects and mystery of the phenomena.

White's correlation to sunlight, warmth and the day itself transform it into a symbol of the holiday, of happiness, of everything positive. That's why this tone signifies success, companionship, the triumph of good over evil and the coming of spring.