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Meaning of colors on our body

Meaning of colors on our body

Color for the body when used in treatment almost has the same force as medicines, some of today's descendants of the ancient Chinese healers believe.

They cure ailments as it had for their ancestors when being wrapped in colorful cloths when sick. Depending on the color of the cloth, depends on the particular disease the colors aids in helping. This applies especially to problems with the skin.

In India there is also a tradition to put color amulets on wounds or diseased areas. Modern followers use purples colors as it helps rapid healing of wounds of different sizes.

Using the same color cloth as the amulet and placing it near the person does well against nervous tension. So in this case it is the color orange so, if you're upset hold around you orange objects, dress up in orange or just buy a lot of oranges and mandarins. The orange color is also useful for stomach problems, and also the color yellow for nervous tension. If you irradiate with a green light, it can destroy some bacteria and viruses as the color green aids with such problems.

Red stimulates blood pressure and as odd as it sounds, relieves sunburn pain.