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The Love Symbolism of Colors in Dreams

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Dreams with colors are seen less frequently in people. But just like black and white dreams, they harbor a certain symbolism related to love. See what kind of events the most commonly encountered tints portend and what changes they bring on the love front.


This color is linked to the absence of love in our life. According to some interpretations, if we witness this color in our dream it may mean that our desire to be with someone is obstructed in some way.


Purple is a color that has various interpretations. According to some, it is warning us that our love secrets may be revealed at any given moment. Other say that it's a sign that our relationship is at its end.



If your dream is tinted yellow, it indicates you're going to fall crazy in love in the near future. If you dream of yellow clothing, you're likely going to have problems in your family because of your infatuation. If a man sees a saffron color in a dream, it is believed that he will soon learn of his partner's betrayal.


If you dream of bright red clothing, expect good fortune on the love front. In all likelihood you're going to experience a passionate and unforgettable romance. You may even find the love of your life. But do keep in mind that the color red sometimes bespeaks of mishaps on the love front.


Dreams where a light green color is present are associated with genuine romantic relations and moments of happiness, loaded with tenderness. Dark green, however, is a sign that you'll soon feel sorrow due to unfulfilled love expectations.