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Divination with Coffee BeansDivination with Coffee Beans
26 July
Jana G.
Divination with coffee beans cannot be done more than once a month. You can use coffee beans to predict the future. You need 16 coffee beans and a quiet place, where no one would disturb you for 15 minutes....
Divination with FlowersDivination with Flowers
14 Oct.
Nina Nord
For this type of divination however, you will need common lilac, not 8- or 9-petal lilac. The sunflower is also suitable for divination. Pick out 10 seeds from a bloomed sunflower....
Divination with MatchesDivination with Matches
03 Aug.
Jana G.
One of the easiest methods for revealing what the future has in store for you is divination using plain matches. Divination with matches is used to find out the future of your relations with a given person....
Divination with WaxDivination with Wax
08 July
Jana G.
Divination with wax is an old-fashioned method of peering into the future. The method for divining with wax is simple but the interpretation is complex. What you need is a large candle....
Divination with MoneyDivination with MoneyThere is a very simple method for divination with money. Open up your wallet and take out all of the bank notes, lay them out in front of you. Look at the nominal values of each of them....
Divination with needlesDivination with needles
17 Sept.
If all pins are sunk, they are not well coated with oil and you have to repeat the divination. The second method of divination is made with thirteen needles or pins. Three of them slightly bent....
Divination with a SpiderDivination with a Spider
12 Nov.
Jana G.
Using a plain old house spider, you can make predictions about whether your wishes will come true. All that's required is to find a spider web somewhere in your home. You can also divine using a spider that has spun its...
Love Divination with ApplesLove Divination with Apples
04 Nov.
Nina Nord
One little-known Slavic divination ritual can be done using apples. This method can be used at any time during the year, in contrast to Christmas Eve divination and other holiday rituals....
Divination with an EggDivination with an Egg
24 Oct.
Jana G.
Experts in egg divination believe that by looking at the form of the egg white, fate can be predicted with maximum accuracy....
Divination with a PetDivination with a Pet
28 July
Jana G.
Divination with a dog is done using 2 types of treats - meat and something sweet. Chocolate is appropriate for dogs, since these animals cannot digest desserts....
Love Divination with CardsLove Divination with Cards
21 July
Nina Nord
You can use cards for divination to find out what fate has in store for you on the love front. Shuffle a deck of cards well and begin drawing them 3 at a time, forming them into a fan....
Divination with a RingDivination with a Ring
20 July
Jana G.
Divination with a ring has been practiced since ancient times. This ritual requires knowledge and preparation. The best day for divination with a ring is on Friday, while Monday is never appropriate....
Divination with a BookDivination with a Book
18 July
Jana G.
Divination using a book is seen as one of the simplest but also one of the most accurate and correct methods of predicting the future....
Divination with a MirrorDivination with a Mirror
12 July
Jana G.
Remember that mirror divination should only be done once every 40 days, in order for the result to be true....
Another Method for Love Divination with CardsAnother Method for Love Divination with Cards
29 July
Antonia R.
It is believed that divination using regular playing cards very accurately shows when you will fall in love and what your upcoming relationship will be like....
Find out Your Future Path with This Quick Divination with CardsFind out Your Future Path with This Quick Divination with Cards
01 June
Antonia R.
For this divination you must follow only your own personal intuition. The image above contains 6 cards. Look at them carefully for about a minute, then choose one based on your intuition....
Divination with Food! Find out What Lies AheadDivination with Food! Find out What Lies Ahead
16 Feb.
Plamena M.
The other is similar to divination with beans - olives or grapes are thrown on the floor. Depending on the resulting shapes, you can predict what's coming. Rice Rice answers questions....
Divination with Stones Answers your Questions on the SpotDivination with Stones Answers your Questions on the SpotIf you'd like to find out what the near future has in store for you, you can perform a very easy divination with stones....
Divination with 2 Dice! Find out your Future NowDivination with 2 Dice! Find out your Future NowAmong the most common methods of divination is the throwing of dice....
Divination with Socks Reveals What you can Expect in LoveDivination with Socks Reveals What you can Expect in LoveDo not perform this ritual if there's strong winds or a storm outside because this may change the results of the love divination....
Divination with Sheets of Paper Provides Quick Solutions to your ProblemsDivination with Sheets of Paper Provides Quick Solutions to your ProblemsDivination with sheets of paper is one of them. Quick and easy, anyone can do it to receive guidance in life. To perform the divination, first of all you need to clearly outline the problem that's bothering you....
Love Divination at HomeLove Divination at HomeDivination with sheets of paper This divination is suitable for those of you who have 2 or more admirers and can't seem to choose just 1 of them....
A Coffee Divination LessonA Coffee Divination LessonDo not leave the coffee divination to dictate your life and do not take any information at face value, but rather as an option or as coincidence. We're the ones who control our fate at any moment....
Divination by menstrual cycleDivination by menstrual cycle
07 Dec.
Nina Nord
There is a belief that the day of the week, date and even the time of day in which the woman started her cycle, can foretell the future. If your monthly cycle started early passionate love awaits in the nearest future....
Divination on your birthdayDivination on your birthday
28 July
Divination should be done within 14 hours. Splice the deck with your left hand and then remove seven cards from it, while in advance, you must remove the cards numbered from two to five....