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Divination with Flowers

Nina NordNina Nord

Divination with flowers is an unconventional way of peering into your future and finding out the answers to the questions on your mind. The key thing about the process of divining with flowers is to take the ritual seriously, with faith, and then the beautiful plants will reveal their secrets.

For centuries, humans have known that plants hold magical power, which can be used to help easily predict the future or to find the answers to questions truly important to you.

Experts have said that flowers possess a magic aura. With it, they manage to improve the mood of anyone who looks at them and breathes in their scent. Using the positive emotions that flowers unlock, depression and even some other diseases can be beaten.

As opposed to other rituals for predicting the future, divination with flowers does not require any kind of special knowledge and experience in practicing the method. The important thing is to concentrate on the information you wish to receive.


Each flower has its own special qualities. For example, the daisy is suitable for love divination. Lilacs will help you find out whether what you want to come true and is important to you will indeed come to pass.

Divination with flowers needs to happen on Friday, Wednesday or Saturday. If you've chosen a daisy to determine your luck in love, you need to concentrate on the love related question which you are interested in. The answer to the question needs to be clear - yes or no.

Using your right hand, rip the petals off the flower one by one, whispering the words "she loves me, she loves me not" the entire time. The last petal you tear off will be the answer to your question, regardless of whether you're asking if the object of your affection loves you or if you want to find out something else relating to love.


A lilac will help you determine whether what you desire will become reality. You will need 5 lilac sprigs. Hold them with both your hands, concentrate on what you want to come true in the near future and then look for a flower with 5 petals, instead of the usual 4.

If you find such a flower, your wish will come true within half a month. For this type of divination however, you will need common lilac, not 8- or 9-petal lilac.

The sunflower is also suitable for divination. Pick out 10 seeds from a bloomed sunflower. If one of the shells is empty, time will be needed for your wish to come true. If most of them are empty, there isn't much of a chance of it coming true. And if there are seeds present in each shell, your wish will come true very soon.



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