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Divination with needles

Divination with needles

Divination with needles has been known since ancient times. There are two ways to do this with needles. Take a bowl with water and a few ordinary needles, not particularly large.

Instead of needles, you can use pins. If you are interested in developing relations with a man, you get two different sized needles, small - symbolizes the woman, while the big - man.

Both needles are coated with some oil and gently placed on the surface of the water - first big then small.

If it is a love triangle you are dealing with, or you just want to learn how to develop your relationship with more than one partner, use three or more needles, but different sizes.

Brush them with oil and place the that symbolizes you on the surface of the water and then arrange all the other needles.

If one needle is joined in the water with others, it means the developing good relationships, love or marriage . If needles are touching long- wise, you can expect a great and fruitful friendship.

Separation of all needles and their divergence from one another a long distance talk about deterioration of the relationship.

Sunk needles mean that these people will end their relationship with you soon. If you sink your needle, it means that you will start a new period in your life that your old links will be maintained.

If all pins are sunk, they are not well coated with oil and you have to repeat the divination. The second method of divination is made with thirteen needles or pins. Three of them slightly bent.

Remember the needles which symbolizes you. Take all the needles in hand and pour them on a clean sheet of paper, preferably in the middle.

Separate the paper mentally into five parts - upper, lower, left, right and center. Needles, which come on top of the list, control the circumstances, at the bottom - they are subject to circumstances.

Left side of the sheet means the past, right - the future and the center means stability and harmony.

Find your needle. If it is in the center and is intersected by other needles, you expect much work , but which will bring good results.

If the needle does not cross the other pins, you will be lonely and will have to rely on your own strength, your relationships with people are going to be short and fragile.

If your needle is in the upper setion, you are master of your destiny. Your needle is at the bottom of the list - must rely on luck since you are powerless to make any changes.

If the bent needles’ curves are inverted towards your needle, it means that you can count on the support of strong personalities.

If your needle is the target of the sharp parts of the curved needles, it means trouble.

Crooked pins on the left side of the sheet are troubles, that you have avoided. On the right side of the page, a crooked needle leaves the curve mean serious trouble that awaits you.



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