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Divination with Coffee Beans

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Coffee bean Divination

Divination with coffee beans cannot be done more than once a month. You can use coffee beans to predict the future.

You need 16 coffee beans and a quiet place, where no one would disturb you for 15 minutes.

Make yourself comfortable, light 2 candles, put all the beans in one hand and when pouring them from one hand to the other, try to sense how they become infused with your energy.

Then, close your palms so that the beans are between them, lift your wrists to your forehead and close your eyes.


Mentally ask the question which interests you. Then throw the beans on the table and take a look at how many of them have fallen with their crack facing up.

Count them; the number of these beans will help you find the answer to your question. If all of the beans have fallen with their crack facing down, postpone the divination for 24 hours from then.

Here's the meanings of the number of coffee beans with their cracks facing up.

If it's just one, this means riches, that you don't expect to receive.

Two beans signify total victory and happiness that you will achieve with lots of hard work. Three beans mean that one of those close to you will betray you very soon.

Four beans are a sign that your dreams will remain just that, at least in the following 4 months. Five beans are a prediction of abundance in the financial aspect.

Coffee beans

Six beans portend that you'll be misled by your own indecisiveness because soon you will have to make an important decision.

Seven beans - luck is with you, just don't forget yourself. Eight beans predict a storm, nine - that your intuition will protect you from danger.

Ten beans - you are following the path of temptations, which you cannot resist, and this may lead to troubles. Eleven - luck will help you move up in your career.

Twelve - you need to be very careful, since every word spoken out of place in the coming days may lead to serious consequences.

Thirteen beans - you need to learn to be more composed in critical situations because such are coming. Fourteen - your plans will become reality but you still need to act in order to achieve what's desired.

Fifteen beans - keep calm, no matter what happens, because even if fate isn't favorable toward you today, tomorrow things will be different. If all of the coffee beans have fallen with their cracks facing up, this means that everything bad has passed and only pleasant moments await you.



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