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Divination with 2 Dice! Find out your Future Now


The subject of the future is one of the most exciting for just about anyone. It kindled extreme interest in our ancestors and continues to fascinate modern man as well. In this regard there have been all kinds of methods developed for foretelling future events.

Some divine with beans, others use coffee, cards, candles, and still others use mirrors. But these are of course not the only occultic ways to predict the future. Among the most common methods of divination is the throwing of dice.

To perform this ritual you simply need to find 2 different dice (one to represent your present state and the other your future) and to roll them on an even surface. Next, write down the numbers you see and check below to find out what they have to say about your current experiences, as well as those that are soon to come.

1. Difficulties on the horizon

Things aren't going the way you had planned. Hurdles are appearing before you that you'll only be able to overcome through persistence and determination.

2. Be vigilant

Someone around you wishes you ill and if you're not careful about who you trust, you're going to become the victim of betrayal. Keep that in mind and don't reveal your deepest plans and secrets to those who have already back-stabbed you before.

3. Friendship or love

A new friendship is on its way to growing into something more than that. What happens depends entirely on your actions. Consider the possibilities well and don't rush things.

4. Cheerfulness and joy

Number 5

Wealth, happiness and tranquility - you're getting the things everyone dreams of. The question now is whether you're able to maintain them and not waste the opportunities presented before you.

5. Focus on your health

Tone down the bad habits that are starting to adversely affect your health. Sleep more, eat healthier and exercise more often. Find a way to deal with the stress as well.

6. You're entering a new phase

You're turning a new page in your life after an event that affected your whole family. You're overcoming your fears and showing how much potential you truly have.