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Divination with Stones Answers your Questions on the Spot


If you'd like to find out what the near future has in store for you, you can perform a very easy divination with stones. It will provide you answers to various kinds of questions, so if you're being tormented by love, financial or other types of issues, you can make use of this method.

Before you begin the divination itself, pick out 3 stones. It doesn't matter what kind they are, what does matter is that they're similar in size and shape, while also coming in 3 different colors.

One needs to be very dark, the other very light and the other an intermediary shade. For example, a black, white and grey stone would be perfect.

Once you've picked your stones, find a spot outside to perform your ritual where no one and nothing will disturb you. Delve into your thoughts and form your question in your mind. For example: Does George like me? At the same time, shake the stones around in your right hand.

Next, throw them behind your back and check their position. If the lighter stone is located closer to the intermediary-colored one, the answer to your question is positive.

But if the darker stone is closer to the intermediary one, it means the stones have given you a negative answer. If all 3 stones are relatively equidistant from one another, the time is unsuitable for divination and it'd be best if you did not think about this issue right now.